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Find and hire great global, remote talent

Find the perfect candidate for the roles, skills, or locations you need. Get matched with a talent solution through 1:1 support or a vetted directory. Hire the talent compliantly in days.

Find skilled talent and fill vacancies in days

Oyster has partnered with a diverse group of talent solutions to help you build a high-performing team

Access a vetted list of partners

Access job boards, marketplaces, agencies, diversity recruitment solutions, and more.

Get personalized support

Each company has unique talent needs. We'll match you with a partner that fits your needs.

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Hire and retain top talent

Use Oyster to compliantly hire, pay, reward, and care for talent around the world.

How Oyster’s Talent Network works

Want to hire engineers? Hire from underrepresented groups? Scale an entire function? We’ve got you covered.

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Share your needs

Share your talent needs across roles, skills, locations, and more

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Meet a partner

Our team will connect you with the right talent partner based on your requirements

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Find your candidates

Meet vetted candidates and complete the interview process in days

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Hire compliantly

Hire, pay, reward, and care for the talent using Oyster

Stronger together

Hear from our talent partners.

Working together with Oyster, we've been able to help various companies find great talent in Latin America. Oyster's solutions have been really useful in dealing with the challenges of hiring in new places.”

Joseph Burns

CEO, Lupa

Over the past two years with Oyster, we’ve forged a strong and productive partnership. Together, we provide job seekers and employers the vital information they need for the best globally distributed hiring and employment experience.”

Alexa Lebowitz

Senior Partnerships Manager, Hired

Our partnership with Oyster has been instrumental in redefining the global employment landscape for companies. By synergizing our strengths, we’ve pioneered as a remarkably efficient recruitment experience that empowers businesses to discover top talent effortlessly.”

Daniela Gaviria

Partnerships Manager, Torre

Your global employment platform

From seamless onboarding to payroll management and compliance expertise, Oyster is your ultimate partner for an exceptional employment experience.

Create your global dream team

  • Automated and compliant global hiring process

  • Flexible, global payroll systems in 120+ currencies

  • Competitive local and global benefits

  • Free self-serve global employment tools

  • Exceptional Team Member experiences in 180+ countries

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What is Oyster Talent Network, and how does it work?

Oyster Talent Network is a partner-powered recruitment solution that helps you find the right talent across roles, skills, and locations. With Oyster’s vetted list of talent partners, you’ll have access to diverse recruitment solutions and talent agencies outside the traditional tech hubs. After you find the right candidate, you can hire them compliantly using Oyster and handle payroll, total rewards, and more—all from one platform.

How fast can I hire the new candidates I find through Oyster Talent Network?

Hire your new talent in as fast as 48 hours to a few days based on location.

Is Oyster Talent Network suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Whether you’re a startup, a mid-sized company, or an enterprise, you can benefit from Oyster Talent Network. As long as you’re in the market for talent, the network is suitable for you.

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Embrace the distributed future of work

Don’t let remote hiring challenges hold you back. Expand your talent horizons, access top talent, discover candidates in 180+ countries, and build a diverse, global team today!