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Building a global workforce doesn’t stop after the contract is signed. Oyster's Direct+ infrastructure offers all the core components of global employment at the highest standard—so you can thrive in this new world of work.

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Helping companies create five-star experiences for their international teams

Even if it’s not their own legal entity, Oyster centralizes the experience by taking ownership and acting as the middleman to resolve any issues. For me, that has been really impactful.”
This is an image of David Dawoud, Head of people at demodesk

David Dawoud

Head of People at Demodesk

We trust with Oyster that we did do it right because we enlisted their help to help us do these things perfectly. So from a leader perspective, I can sleep easy at night knowing that we're not breaking some law that I didn't even know existed.”
This is an image of Tyler parson, VP of people at chili piper

Tyler Parson

VP of People at Chili Piper

Once all of the paperwork is done, each step is so well described and so well documented that you know what's next. The onboarding couldn't be quicker. It's incredible.”
This is an image of Ally Fekaiki, CEO and founder of Juno

Ally Fekaiki

CEO and Founder of Juno

Experience the Oyster Direct+ difference

You've got big goals for your global team—and we've got high standards for our infrastructure. Is it a match made in heaven? Let's chat.
Other platforms deliver
Direct+ delivers
Limited global coverage
Wide global coverage spanning 180+ countries
Basic liability coverage with limitations
12x liability coverage per employee (up to $1m USD)
Ownership of all available IP rights
Generic or outdated information on local employment laws
Large, experienced legal team
Compliance and legal guidance infused into the platform
Adherence to local laws at every stage of the employment cycle
Slow customer support and resolution
Lack of automation
72-hour support ticket resolution
Built-in automation to speed up the hiring process (24 hours to under two weeks)
Free self-serve global HR tools
Basic Team Member experience
Payouts in 140+ currencies
Access to localized benefits plans
Access to Oyster Academy training
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Direct+ is sweeping the globe


180+ countries where you can engage talent


43 countries expanded into by a single customer

$152 million+

$152,124,063 paid through our platform in one year

Direct+: the gold standard of global employment

When it comes to global employment, Oyster's Direct+ infrastructure ticks off all the boxes, so you can build, manage, and retain an international team like a pro.

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  • Build a truly global company

    Gain unrestricted access to talent in 180+ countries—and receive country-specific resources and legal support to meet compliance every time.

  • Manage a fast-growing team

    Our platform, self-serve tools, country-specific resources, and support teams enable you to move quickly on hiring, paying, and providing benefits.

  • Retain your all-stars

    With Oyster, you can impress your global workforce with localized, human-centric experiences and reduce your People Ops team’s workload at the same time!

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Direct+ performance by the numbers

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Fast and compliant hiring

Complete the hiring process in just days

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Proficient legal team

Get answers to specific legal questions in as quickly as four days.

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Unwavering customer care

Find quick resolution for you and your team within 72 hours.

Uncover hiring costs around the world in a few clicks

Receive expertise and guidance, end to end

With Oyster, you're not only equipped to be a global company—you're empowered to be one of the best.

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