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Change the world of work with us

Work from anywhere in the world—and help change it too. Join us on our mission to create a more equal world, one remote hire at a time.

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Our core values

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We elevate talent

Global employment distributes opportunities equally around the world. When everyone has access to the best jobs, anyone can realize their full potential.

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We build trust

To build trust, we maintain an active flow of information and communication, follow through with our commitments, and provide unwavering support.

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We thrive together

Our team is on a shared mission to make global employment accessible to everyone. We leverage our diverse perspectives and experiences to drive this goal forward.

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Who we are

Right now, the best jobs are limited to people in a handful of the world's wealthiest cities—yet brilliant talent is everywhere.

Back in 2019, Oyster began with a simple question: What if we could bridge this gap by making global employment easier?

We’re on a mission to create a more equal world by making it possible for companies everywhere to hire people anywhere. We believe distributing work opportunities can make a positive impact on people and their communities, local economies, and the environment.

Today, we embrace the benefits and opportunities that come with the ability to hire and work from anywhere—and we want to provide them to you too!

Work and thrive anywhere

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Life at Oyster

Fully remote

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When we say work from anywhere, we mean it. Oysters have the freedom to work when and wherever they’d like—at home, at a coworking space, or on the beach (as long as there’s wifi).


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Work should fit into your life, not the other way around. To support your whole human experience as an employee, full-time Oysters get private health insurance, generous PTO and parental leave, and flexible wellness perks.

Mission driven

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Everything we do ladders up to our mission—and that doesn’t just mean building software. We also build programs, resources, and dedicated teams to support companies and workers in this new world of work.
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Welcome to the future of work

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At Oyster, being globally distributed isn’t a challenge to overcome—it’s one of our biggest strengths. As champions of asynchronous communication, we design how we work as thoughtfully as we design our product.

We are intentional. Being purposeful about the ways we communicate and work together creates a stronger virtual workplace culture. We default to asynchronous work. This means less Zoom fatigue and more independence, flexibility, and trust. Done well, it's better for all of us.

We are radically transparent. Transparency helps us grow. We value honest feedback, recognize hard work, and get any issues on the table as fast as possible.

We value clarity. We strive to be exceptionally clear and encourage overcommunication.

We’ve got you covered

Different people have different needs, which is why our benefits package isn’t “one-size-fits-all.” We want our diverse team to do their best work and live their best lives, which starts with us supporting how you work.

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A few of our benefits

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40 days PTO inclusive of regional holidays
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Mental health support via Plumm
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Monthly ThanksBen wellbeing allowance
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Flexible and inclusive parental leave
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Laptop and $1,500 equipment stipend

Let’s get to work

Ready to shape the new world of work? We’d love to hear how you can contribute to our mission and our team!

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