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Global payroll for multi-country teams

Run fast and compliant payroll with >99% accuracy, automate invoices and reimbursements, and access payroll reports—all in one easy-to-use platform.

Use one platform to pay all your team members

International payroll is complex, especially if you’re navigating different laws and processes and using multiple platforms with manual workflows. With Oyster, you can consolidate payroll operations for all of your team members in one platform and deliver compliant and accurate payments.

EOR Team Members

Pay full-time employees hired with Oyster in 130+ countries.


Settle invoices and pay your contractors on Oyster in 180+ countries.

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Payroll Team Members

Pay your direct employees in Spain, Canada, and the U.K. (More countries coming soon!)

Simplify your global payroll operations

Breeze through simple workflows to approve and deliver on-time, multi-currency payments for your distributed team. Leverage Oyster’s deep local intelligence to stay compliant across the globe.

Pay global teams accurately and compliantly

Ensure your team is paid compliantly, with the right taxes and deductions, even when laws change.

Track, change, and approve payroll in minutes

View your payroll runs, make ad-hoc changes, approve payments, and track progress with simple workflows.

Access in-house payroll specialists

Receive expert support around the clock from our global payroll consultants to streamline your payroll runs.

View payroll reports and payslips

Instantly access payslips, gross-to-net reports, and payroll reports so you can keep a clear view of your payroll data.

Integrate payroll workflows with your HRIS

Simplify your payroll operations by connecting Oyster with your HRIS and expense management software. Sync payroll data and workflows to ensure 100% accuracy and avoid manual data entry.

Available integrations:


Global payroll 
without the headaches


Global Payroll

Pay your direct employees compliantly

USD 50/month

  • Run multi-country payroll from one platform

  • Pay your employees accurately and compliantly

  • Receive support from our payroll specialists

  • Generate payslips and reports

  • Integrate workflows with your HRIS


What is the difference between employer of record and global payroll? 

An employer of record (EOR) legally employs workers on your behalf and is responsible for all aspects of employment. You can use an EOR to engage talent in countries where you don’t have an entity.

Global payroll helps you manage payroll and pay your own employees in countries where you have a business entity. When using global payroll, you remain responsible for all aspects of employment.

How can I get set up with global payroll?

Once you meet with your account manager and finalize the details, our onboarding team will work with you to create your company entity in the Oyster platform, facilitate the setup process, and offer information sessions for your team. After that, a country-specific payroll specialist will process your payroll data, prepare reports, and handle your payroll updates and queries. Our customer support team will also be available to answer any questions and offer guidance.

Can Oyster pay my employees’ salaries and taxes?

In all supported countries, Oyster can pay your employees on your behalf. However, making payments to tax authorities and/or benefit providers depends on the country’s local regulations. In cases where you have to pay the tax authority or benefit providers, we will provide you with the payment files and guidance.

We help teams grow faster across borders

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When it comes to payroll, when it comes to administration, Oyster couldn't make it any easier."

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HR Generalist at Kinsta

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The Oyster platform is super intuitive and easy to use. It’s also very helpful to have everything in one place, like contracts, payroll, and support requests.”

David Dawoud, head of people at Demodesk

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With the Oyster platform, it’s easy to review the current status and find the latest documentation, contracts, payroll, and reimbursements.”