Need to convert a contractor to an employee?

The process is oh-so easy when you work with Oyster. Assess worker misclassification risks and compliantly convert contractors to full-time employees—all under one platform.

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Get five-star support
from start to finish

Whether you need to assess worker misclassification risks, convert a contractor to an employee, or get help managing full-time Team Members, you can do it all under one platform.

Access teams of experts
Get guidance and local knowledge on contractor conversion from our People Ops and legal teams.
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Convert contractors easily
Manage the whole transition process and all stakeholders involved using one simple platform.
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Manage global teams confidently
Find easy-to-use tools to explore any legal risks, as well as contractor and employee salary costs.
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Offer better care for your team
Provide payments in local currencies, health insurance, and benefits to retain your skilled talent.
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Assess your risks first — for free

Misclassifying employees as contractors could expose your company to legal fines and penalties.

Try this tool to scope out any potential risks and the costs of converting your contractors. Then, chat with us on how we can help you meet compliance.
Try Our Analyzer Tool
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Step 1:

Define your needs

First, we’ll discuss your contractors and goals. Then, we’ll explore potential risks, different employment models, and costs to create a plan of action.
Step 2:

Implement the process

Next, we’ll align stakeholders (including your contractors), create a step-by-step plan, attach deadlines, and receive approval from our legal team.
Step 3:

Ensure success

Our team will check in weekly to ensure all steps are moving forward smoothly. You’ll also be able to monitor the onboarding through our platform.
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Without a solution like Oyster, it’s not even worth the hassle. You just end up deciding, ‘We’re not going to hire there.’ It basically restricts you from getting access to talent. Oyster takes that all away. That’s what makes Oyster great.
David Dawoud
Head of People, Demodesk
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We've used Oyster to hire and onboard employees in 10 different countries and we would not have been able to grow that quickly without Oyster.
Jessica Silva
Director of People, Lokalise
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Once all of the paperwork is done,
each step is so well described and so well documented that you know what's next. The onboarding couldn't be quicker. It's incredible.
Ally Fekaiki
CEO and founder, Juno
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Don’t stress, we’ve got this covered

You’re a rockstar, but no need to handle the contractor conversion process alone. Leverage our platform and experienced team instead.

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